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AC Coil Cleaning Dubai

Your air conditioning system has two different kinds of coils: the evaporator coils, which are found inside the indoor unit, and the condenser coils, which are located in the outdoor unit. Both have significant functions in your system.

The air that passes over it is cooled by the interior coils. This coil condenses, which can lead to the adhesion of dust and other small particles and, in some cases, the growth of mold. The customer will be notified if we believe the coils need to be cleaned, and we will then clean them with a chemical cleaner to remove the particles and dirt before jet washing to flush the coil through.

ac coil cleaning

Cleaning Of Ac Coils

Despite having your air conditioner on high, does your house feel hot and stuffy? If so, the problem might be a dirty AC coil. The newest compact CoilJet AC coil cleaning system we use at Wasila Technical Services allows us to clean the coil without having to remove it. Your service becomes easier to use, cleaner, and more affordable as a result.

AC Coil Cleaning

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Ac Coil?

An essential component of your AC system is the evaporator coil. The coil reduces the temperature of it to the desired level as warm air flows through it. Unluckily, the coil’s naturally occurring condensation attracts particles and dirt which stick to it. The effectiveness of your unit and the quality of the air in your home may be harmed as these deposits accumulate. Additionally, they may lower air quality to a point where you and your family may experience allergies and respiratory issues. Therefore, choosing professional condenser coil cleaning becomes essential.

AC Coil Cleaning
AC Coil Cleaning

What Our Coil Cleaning Service Includes

Cleaning Effectively Using Coiljet Technology

The evaporator coil inside the AC unit is given a thorough and deep clean thanks to the use of CoilJet technology.

Fan Motor And Blower Cleaning

To ensure peak performance, fan motors are taken apart, cleaned, and then reinstalled.

Use Of A Cleaning Solution

To get rid of any dirt, dust, or contaminants that might be inside the coil, a specialized coil cleaning solution is used.

Rinse To Finish

The cleaning solution and any remaining impurities are removed from the coil during a final, thorough rinse, leaving it completely clean.

What Role Do Cleaning and Maintenance Play?

A Better Air Flow

Coil cleaning eliminates all sand and dust that might be negatively affecting ideal air flow and the appliance’s best performance.

Gets Rid Of Smells

Any unpleasant odors will be removed at the source by having your AC coils cleaned professionally, keeping your house smelling fresh.

Improving Air Quality

You can breathe cleaner, healthier air after a thorough coil cleaning because fewer impurities will be passing through your system.

System Performance

In order to improve the efficiency of your AC and maintain maximum airflow, our coil cleaning services are essential.

How Does It Function?

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Why Should You Pick Us?

We distinguish ourselves from the competition by taking the cleaning process personally and working to earn your complete satisfaction. a competent cleaning staff that meets your needs and goes above and beyond.

Environmentally friendly
All of the cleaning supplies and other cleaning products we use are completely safe and environmentally friendly.

Cost Effective
Our mission at WASILA Technical Services is to consistently offer our clients in Dubai and the rest of the UAE the best cleaning service for a fair price.

Complete satisfaction
Our cleaning crew is made up of highly skilled experts whose true objective is to give you the quality cleaning services you deserve.

How frequently should AC coils be cleaned?

The real query here is: How much dirt is too much? The standard recommendation is to clean your air conditioning coils twice a year. In a place like Dubai, there are other things to take into account. You might want to speak with a seasoned AC coil maintenance company for a maintenance schedule that takes the following factors into account due to the persistent dust storms and airborne contaminants.

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The significance of AC coil cleaning in Dubai

How do you know when it’s time to visit a doctor? when your body starts exhibiting symptoms that could be dangerous, correct? Thus, it is now time for you to choose an AC coil cleaning service if the AC in your home or place of business starts to exhibit any of the following symptoms.

  • Absence of cool air
  • Issue with evaporation
  • Reduced airflow throughout the space
  • Leakage of water into the coils
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